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Real-Time Sync

With our sophisticated, easy-to-use platform, you’re able to sync all your accounts in one place thanks to our automatic, secure download of transactions and balances from 20,000+ financial institutions worldwide.

Chart Your Net Worth

We equip you with the tools and technology to take control of your net worth today. All of our budgeting, forecasting, and investing tools are designed to help you plan for your financial future and drive long-term wealth creation.


Worldwide Bank Sync

Buxfer provides real-time updates for every transaction across 20,000+ financial institutions worldwide. Our connection to 80% of banks worldwide ensures instant import of all your accounts into Buxfer so you can continue to create wealth, invest smarter, and plan for your retirement all in one secure place.


Automated Rules

With Buxfer, you’re able to create custom rules to categorize or modify transactions based on the merchant, location, or other metadata across all of your accounts at once. We put the power of your finances in your hands.



There’s no better way to create long-term wealth and growth than by having the tools to predict your future spending and account balances based on previous spending patterns. Our sophisticated algorithms and prediction technology help you create a crystal-clear picture of your financial future.


Nested Tags

With our innovative nested tags tool, you’re able to create endless tags and sub-tags to categorize every expense and get an in-depth view of where your money goes.


Smart Alerts

Knowing where you’re spending your money is one thing. Knowing when uncategorized or unauthorized transactions come through in real-time is another. With our future alerts tool, you’ll receive automated alerts for major financial events like low account balances, unexpected fees, or fraudulent activity the moment they occur.


Investment Tracking

Long-term wealth creation starts with comprehensive investment tracking. At Buxfer, we ensure that you’re able to instantly track all of your investment holdings, performance, and allocation across all investment accounts in real-time.


See all your accounts at one place. Track your income, expenses, savings & investments.